• October 28, 2020


Independent, bold and objective, Agenda Watchdog is Nigeria’s foremost online news outlet. We periscope, report and review  the development initiatives of state institutions, corporate bodies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists and humanitarians, and other key stakeholders in the Nigerian project, with the aim of gauging the impacts of these projects on Nigerians, raising public awareness, stimulating constructive debates, and activating timely responses to identified needs.

Through cutting-edge reportage, incisive reviews and impartial interrogations of the gradients in the actions of state institutions and other complementary development agencies in Nigeria, we keep the public abreast off, and educated on, how their collective goals and aspirations are being met by those they have collectively charged with the sacred responsibility of providing them with the greatest happiness on the widest possible scale. We seek to compliment the efforts of Nigeria’s anti-graft agencies, civil society organizations, religious bodies, the academia, and other agencies in the country that play significant watchdog roles.

We regularly update the public with topline news stories, blogs, feature stories and sports news, all geared towards achieving our ultimate aim of fulfilling our mission and promoting our Public Purposes: Fair, balanced, professional and concise news stories that are meant to inform, entertain and educate.