• June 14, 2021

News Study Reveals Meat-Eaters Are More Likely To Develop Severe COVD-19 Than Vegetarians And Pescatarians

=== (AGENDAWATCHDOG) === Eating a vegetarian or pescatarian diet reduces your risk of developing severe COVID-19 when compared to people who eat meat, according to a new study.

Plant-based vegetarian diets reduce the risk of moderate to severe Covid-19 by up to 73 per cent and a fish-based pescatarian diet reduces the risk by 59 per cent.

Previous studies have shown a link between diet and the severity and duration of a Covid-19 infection, which the team wanted to examine in more detail.

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Drawing on a survey of 2,884 frontline doctors and nurses exposed to the virus between July and September 2020, the team from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland looked into diet and Covid-19 severity. 

The survey asked about diet, medical history and instances of Covid-19, revealing the notable link between avoiding meat and reducing the risk of severe coronavirus. 

As it was a self-reported observational study they couldn’t say why this was the case, but suspected it may be due to increased vitamins, nutrients and minerals in a plant-based diet that are vital for a healthy immune system.

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