• June 19, 2021

Elon Musk To Construct Ocean Spaceport To Be Used To Launch Starship Rocket To MARS Next Year

=== (AGENDAWATCHDOG) === SpaceX founder Elon Musk has confirmed ambitious plans to build an ‘ocean spaceport’ that will be used to launch a Starship rocket to Mars in 2022. 

It was reported in July 2020 that the firm had acquired a pair of former oil drilling rigs for $3.5 million (£2.47 million) each that they planned to convert into floating spaceports.

Musk retweeted a concept image of the ocean port, confirming that one of the platforms, named Deimos after the smallest of the two Martian moons, is under construction ‘for launch next year.’

Starship is the massive reusable rocket and spaceship undergoing testing in Texas, with the first orbital test scheduled for July, and longer-distance missions in 2022.

No specific details about how much the refit of the platforms is costing, or when operations will begin have been released, but it is thought Starship will fly out to the floating platforms under its own steam, before taking off for space.

Deimos is currently being refit at the Port of Brownsville in Texas, but no details over its final destination have been revealed by SpaceX or any of its partners.

However, it is thought that a fleet of floating ‘ocean spaceports’ operated by the firm will eventually be positioned within easy reach of major transport hubs but far enough away to minimise risk and noise pollution near major populated areas.

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