• June 23, 2021

Evening Exercise Could Improve Your Metabolism And Help Control Overnight Blood Sugar Levels, New Study Reveals

=== (AGENDAWATCHDOG) === Getting your exercise in during the early evening boosts your metabolism and makes it easier to control overnight blood sugar levels, a study has found.

Experts led from the Australian Catholic University studied the metabolic health of 24 inactive men who were at risk of type 2 diabetes and given a high-fat diet.

Both morning and evening exercise was seen to improve cardiorespiratory fitness — but only workouts late in the day resulted in lowered overnight glucose levels.

According to lead researcher Trine Moholdt, the findings of the study are of particular significance for diabetics, who usually have glucose regulation problems.

‘We found that exercising in the morning or evening induced similar improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, but nocturnal glycaemic control only improved in the evening exercise group,’ Dr Moholdt said.

‘The group who exercised in the early evening had lower nocturnal glucose concentrations,’ she added.

‘That is important because one of the things that individuals with type 2 diabetes experience are nocturnal spikes in glucose, so when they go to sleep their glucose peaks and spikes in the night.’

‘Our study was able to show that we could flatten those nocturnal spikes and that’s a really important finding because not only were the night-time glucose concentrations lower, the cholesterol was lower as well.’

Agenda Watchdog

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