• June 19, 2021

Britain’s First Self-Driving Shuttle Launched In Cambridge

=== (AGENDAWATCHDOG) === The streets of Cambridge are to play host to Britain’s first self-driving shuttle from today in milestone tests that will see the bus ferry passengers on a busy main road.

Developed by Aurrigo, the three Auto-Shuttles are running a two-mile route from Madingley Road Park and Ride around the University of Cambridge’s West Campus.

This is the first time that a custom-made driverless shuttle has operated a route in the UK while surrounded by other traffic, bicycles and pedestrians. 

Each shuttle will be able to seat 10 passengers after social distancing measures are lifted, with the passengers selected for the trial using an app to arrange a journey.

The trial, conducted in collaboration with Greater Cambridge Partnership and Smart Cambridge, will help explore how self-driving tech can be used for public transport.

Should the test be successful, driverless buses may be used to link up Cambridge’s other research campuses with the railway stations and ‘Park and Ride’ sites.

West Cambridge was chosen for the trials, the team explained, because it provided the perfect environment to put the buses through their paces.

During each trial, safety operators will be present onboard the shuttles and ready to assume manual control if required for any reason.

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