• June 19, 2021

Not Even A Nuclear Bomb Can Stop An Earthbound Giant Asteroid – NASA Study Reveals

=== (AGENDAWATCHDOG) === NASA scientists have concluded that even a nuclear bomb wouldn’t be able to stop a giant asteroid from destroying a huge chunk of earth.

In a simulated exercise, US and European scientists were told they had six months to come up with a lifesaving plan to stop a massive rock smashing into earth that had been spotted 35 million miles away.      

The study was conducted over the course of four days, from April 26 through April 29, and astronomers used radar systems, data imaging and other technologies like the world’s largest telescope.  

Scientists determined that six months is not enough time to prepare a spacecraft to smash into the asteroid and that a nuclear bomb – like in the film Armageddon – would not take the monster space rock down.

The exercise, called ‘Space Mission Options for the Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario,’ involved nine NASA scientists who spent four days looking at how such an event would unfold  unfold over the course of six months as if it were a real world emergency. 


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