• June 14, 2021

Floor Of Roman Colosseum Where Gladiators Dueled To The Death To Be Restored In £16m High-Tech Face-lift

By Lucky Uwakina (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – The floor of Rome’s Colosseum is to be restored to its former glory, it was announced yesterday. The ground that saw gladiators fight wild animals and each other will again let visitors see ‘the majesty of the monument Inset)’, according to Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini.

Engineering firm Milan Ingegneria has won a £16 million bid to build and install a retractable arena floor, with the project set to be completed in two years.

Mr Franceschini said: ‘In 2023, we will have the splendour of the Colosseum with its arena again.’

The amphitheatre once had a sand-covered wooden floor on top of a network of tunnels and fighters’ waiting rooms. The floor was removed in the 19th century so architects could excavate the levels below it. It was opened to the public to see the underground area in 2010 and the new stage will be able to cover or uncover the underground networks.

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