• June 14, 2021

Eddie Hearn Says Bob Arum ‘Is On The Wind-Up’, Denies Being A ‘Desperado’, Assures Fight Is Going Ahead

By Chukwuka Joseph (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Eddie Hearn has guaranteed the huge heavyweight showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will go ahead despite Bob Arum’s reservations. 

Fury’s co-promoter recently said he is skeptical about whether it will happen and blind-sided Hearn with his doubts, calling him a desperado. 

And Hearn has hit back at his rival promoter, telling talkSPORT ‘I’m a bit worried about Bob Arum.

‘I last communicated with Bob Arum on Thursday and Friday of last week and he gave an interview last night to say he hasn’t heard from me for two weeks.

‘Five days ago he was telling everyone, ‘It’s done, it’s in Saudi Arabia, this is the deal, etc. It’s not as easy as just a 24-hour turnaround of a long-form agreement for a fight of this magnitude.

‘We’re supposed to be partners on this fight. The only one I see doing any work on this fight at all is me. And I won’t stop until we’ve got the fight made.

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‘So we’re on the verge. We have an agreement, we have a signed contract, we have a site agreement that’s been accepted and now we put it in a long-form agreement and you get an announcement next week.’

Hearn continued: ‘I don’t know whether Bob’s on the wind-up, trying to put the pressure on. He’s 90 years old, so you’ve gotta respect him.

‘I messaged him last night with the quote that I saw as if to say, ‘What is this all about?’

‘He sort of goes, “Well, you know, gotta move quicker.” I said, “No, I’m moving as fast as I can.”

‘But it’s all been left to me basically. The whole thing. Everyone’s just sitting there saying, “Eddie’s gotta hurry up, Eddie’s gotta do this.”

‘We’re supposed to be co-promoters in this fight. I’m the only one that’s been out traipsing around the world to make sure we get this fight happening.

‘And I promise you this fight will happen, I’ll make sure this fight happens.’

A date and location for their bout is edging ever closer, with latest reports claiming that Saudi Arabia will pay a staggering £108million to play host.

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