• June 15, 2021

GOSSIP Helps Cement Social Relationships, New Study Reveals

By Lucky Uwakina (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Gossiping about other people can make you feel more connected to those around you and even help you form better relationships, according to a new study.

Neuroscientists from Dartmouth College had a group of volunteers play a series of online games and monitored the role of gossip between the different participants. 

The US researchers found that simply spreading rumours about someone doesn’t help to improve relationships, explaining that ‘only the right kind of gossip works’. 

Having conversations about others with a third party and learning about people’s experiences helps cement social connections and broadens the mind, they said. 

The findings, published in the journal Current Biology, build on previous research that revealed gossip makes up about 14 per cent of all daily conversations.

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