• June 23, 2021

UNDISPUTED BOUT: What Gypsy King And AJ Are Saying

By Chukwuka Joseph (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Why does Fury say most of what comes out of his mouth? After all, this is a man who once described himself as being as ‘healthy as a trout, fit as a flea.’

That said, last week’s comments were interesting. For most of the past few months, the two fighters have stayed relatively quiet. It’s been Hearn and Arum driving much of the narrative.

Recently, though, both AJ and Fury have been more vocal. AJ has dropped several hints that good news is on its way, while Fury poured cold water on that excitement by claiming they’d made no progress in year.

Why? It’s not clear. It’s often said the more you hear about a fight being completed, the less progress is being made behind the scenes. 

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Perhaps it’s simply mind games between the two fighters – with AJ hyping fans up with his cryptic messages, maybe Fury wanted to bring him down a peg or two. Nothing takes the wind out of a rival’s sails like suggesting you’re less fussed about something than they are. 


Speaking on a live stream for JD Sports on February 28: 

‘June should be the date. Trust me. 

‘For the fans, for the people that have been calling it on for many, many months.

‘Shoutout to Fury and his team as well, hungry go-getters, that’s what we are. 

‘UK stand up. And to the world, we’re bringing it.

‘I can’t wait. Undisputed.’  


Speaking to ESPN on February 24:   

‘They’ve had a full year to try and make this fight happen. Since the last Wilder fight, even before the Wilder fight, they were talking about a fight potentially between me and Joshua. 

‘They’ve had a full year to make something happen, and it hasn’t happened as of yet. It is what it is. We’re no further forward today than we were a year ago.

‘The way [COVID-19] is at the moment, I don’t think [negotiations] got much to do with the fighters. It’s to do with the venue, date, place, site fees. It’s to do with everything but the fight itself.’

Or perhaps he is hoping to squeeze a bit more money his way by threatening to look elsewhere. Or maybe Fury was expressing genuine concerns about his inactivity. The Gypsy King has now not fought for more than a year, while AJ beat Pulev in December. Fury was, of course, hoping to keep busy with his own fight at the back of 2020 but that fell through.

Most likely, though, this is just Fury wandering off-script. He’s had enough practice of that over the years. Until this grenade, all the talk from both sides was of steady, positive progress. 

Hearn’s response (‘The fight is on’) suggested as much and reading between the lines, Fury simply seemed concerned over issues such as the venue, which we know is an occupational hazard in these times. 

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