• July 24, 2021

Recap Of Major News Stories In Nigeria In 2020

By Jude Obuseh, Editor-In-Chief

What an exhilarating year of topnotch news it has been for both hunters and consumers of news across the world! If you missed out on major news headlines during 2020, you have a lot of catching up to do. But don’t’ worry, we’ll do our best to fill you in.

As is our tradition on this platform, we have tailored this package to wet your insatiable appetites for the shocking, suspenseful, mystical, thrilling and scandalous, as we take you through a maze of major events that hugged the headlines in 2020.

The following is a simulacrum of major news stories that were published in the news sections of agendawatchdog.com during the previous year. Have a thrilling ride! 



  • 3 January – 19 people are killed and homes and other buildings are burned by unidentified gunmen in Tawari, Kogi State
  • 6 January – 2020 Gamboru bombing: 30 killed and 35 injured in a bomb explosion in Gamboru, Borno State, apparently by Boko haram
  • 8 January – American rapper Cardi B announces she will seek Nigerian citizenship.
  • 15 January – 50th anniversary of the end of the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970).
  • 16 January – Three aid workers who were held hostage since 22 December 2019 are released in Brno State
  • 24 January – Lassa Fever outbreak kills 29 in 11 states this month
  • 31 January – US President Donald Trump expands the travel ban to include Nigeria and five other countries.


  • 1 February – A ban on commercial motorcycles goes into effect in Lagos
  • 4 February US $300 million seized from former president Sani Abacha’s accounts will be returned to Nigeria.
  • 7 February – American rapper Lil Wayne says, “I’m more Nigerian than American.
  • 9 February – Auno attack at least 30 people killed in Auno, Borno State, apparently by Boko Haram.
  • 14 February – International flights to Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos are diverted to Kotoka Internatinal Airport In Accra, Ghana, due to poor weather and complications with new equipment.
  • 27 February – A stolen bronze statue from Ife in the Yoruba kingdom is ceased at the Mexico City International Airport and returned to Nigeria. The statue is later found to be a fake.
  • 28 February – The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed an Italian Citizen who works in Lagos has been confirmed as the first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria and sub-Saharan- Africa.


  • 4 March – Four police officers and two militiamen were killed by Boko haram militants during a raid on an army base in Dambosa, Borno State.
  • 9 March – The Emir of kano, Lamido Sanusi, is dethroned for “disrespect to lawful instructions”.
  • 15 March – Abule-Ado explosion, Lagos State, killed at least 15 people and destroyed around 50 buildings.
  • 24 March – March 2020 Chad and Nigeria Massacres: About 70 soldiers are ambushed and killed by Boko Haram in Goneri village, Borno State.


  • 13 April – People of African origin, including Nigerians, have faced discrimination in Guanngzhou and elsewhere in China. Africans from Nigeria, Togo and Benin have been evicted from hotels in the middle of the night, a group of African students was forced to take COVID-19 tests despite not having travelled recently, and others reported being threatened with having their visas and work permits revoked.
  • 17 April – Considerable fake news about the coronavirus is circulating in Africa.
  • 18 April – April 2020 Katsina Armed bandits kill 47 people in attacks on villages in Katsina State
  • 19 April – Twenty-one employees of ExxonMobile from Akwa Ibom State were arrested for violating state quarantine standards in Rivers, but were released when the union threatened industrial action. It is unknown if any of the arrested men have symptoms of infection.
  • 23 April – Nigeria has tested only 7,153 people for COVID-19, 0.03% of the population. 873 cases and 28 deaths have been reported, but the Africa Centers for Disease Control fears the numbers may go much higher.
  • 25 April – The Central Bank of Nigeria took 1.47 trillion naira ($3.8 billion) from lenders as additional cash reserves for failing to meet regulatory targets.
  • 28 April – Gravediggers in Kano report a mysterious increase in deaths. There is speculation that the deaths may be linked to the coronavirus pandemic, but no one knows since autopsies are not routinely done. Another possibility is that the deaths may be related to other underlying diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, meningitis and acute malaria that have gone untreated because many hospitals are closed.
  • 30 April – Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kano triple from 77 at the beginning of the week to 219 as health authorities ramp up “verbal autopsies”. State officials insist most of the fatalities were due to other diseases rather than COVID-19. Nasiru Sani Gwarzo, head of the presidential COVID-19 taskforce sent to Kano, said the rise in deaths was also due to cuts to medical services for other ailments as a result of the crisis.


  • 6 May – Olalekan Hameed is sentenced to death in a trial broadcast on Zoom for the murder of his employer’s mother.
  • 15 May – A controversial plan to close Koranic schools in 19 northern states and sending ′′almajirai′′ (″pupils″) home results in spreading COVID-19. Sixty-five boys test positive in Kaduna, 91 in Jigawa, eight in Gombe, and seven in Bauchi State.
  • 18 May – Boko Haram extremists attacked a village just as people were preparing to break their Ramadan fast after sundown, killing at least 20 people in the first attack of its kind in northeastern Nigeria since the holy month began
  • 30 May – #JusticeForUwa is trending in Nigeria, with the family of Uwavera Omozuwa family appealing for help to track down her rapists and killers in a church in Benin City, Edo State.


  • 9 June – Gubio massacre: Gunmen suspected of belonging to Boko Haram kill 81 villagers in Borno State. Another 20 people are killed in an attack in Katsina State.
  • 10 June – The World Trade Organization accepts the nomination of two-time Nigerian minister Okonjo-Iweala as its Director-General.
  • 11 June – An Aide-de-camp to First Lady Aisha Buhari is arrested after shooting at presidential nephew and aide Sabiu Yusuf when the latter refuses to go into self-isolation after a trip to Lagos.
  • 12 June All 36 of Nigeria’s governors resolved to declare a state of emergency over rape and other gender-based violence against women and children in the country.
    • U.S.-based streaming company Netflix pairs up with filmmaker Mo Abudu, owner of EbonyLife TV (ELTV), to create two new TV series and several films.
  • 13 June – 2020 Monguno and Nganzai massacres
  • 22 June – Cross River Gorillas including babies, once thought to be an extinct species, are captured on film by conservationists in the Mbe Mbe Mountains  near the border with Cameroon


  • 8 July – Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja and Murtala Mumammed International Airport in Lagos reestablish domestic flights after a three-month shutdown; other airports will open soon. No date has been given for the resumption of international flights.
  • 13 July – A retired American woman was rescued by a Police Intelligence Response Team after being held hostage for 15 months by a 34-year-old man in a hotel. The man had extorted US$48,000 from her.
  • 18 July – Between three and 16 security forces died and up to 28 are wounded in an attack inside a forest near Jibia in Katsina state
  • 23 July – Militants from the Islamic State West Africa Province, which broke away from Boko Haram several years, ago claimed responsibility for killing five aid workers who were kidnapped last month in northeastern Nigeria.
  • 29 July – Fourteen people are killed in a mass shooting in Kogi State.


  • 11 August – Musician Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, is sentenced to death by hanging in Kano State for blasphemy against Muhammed
  • 20 August – The army regains control of Kukawa Borno, where the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) had taken hundreds of captives on 18 August.
  • 23 August – Two die in clashes between security forces and Biafran separatists.
  • 25 August – Eighteen people were killed after Islamic State In west Africa militants planted an improvised explosive device on the road between Monguno and Baga Borno.


  • 20 October – Lekki Massacre in the #Endsars protest, armed security personnel use live bullets to disperse crowd in Lekki leading to casualties and fatalities. Lagos State’s governor declares a 24 hours curfew in the state
  • 30 October – Naijahacks, Africa’s largest Hackathon, holds NaijaHacks from home 2020 Hackathon.
  • 31 October – United States Navy Seals from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group rescued a 27 year-old American hostage held captive by armed gunmen near the border with Niger.


  • 14 November – Witnesses say that soldiers shot civilians during a peaceful protest is Lagos on October 20.
  • 28 November – Koshebe massacre: 110 civilians and peasant farmers were killed and six were wounded as they worked in rice fields in Koshebe village. It is the deadliest attack against civilians in Nigeria this year.


  • 8 December – Amnesty says 10,000 civilians have died while in police custody since the beginning of the Boko Harum insurgency in 2011.
  • 14 December – About half the 800 boys kidnapped by bandits in Katsina State are still unaccounted for.
  • 16 December – Seventeen of the schoolboys kidnapped by Boko Harum are rescued and two are killed; 300 are still unaccounted for.
  • 18 December – The schoolboys are released. One hundred girls kidnapped in the 2014 Chibok kidnapping are still missing.
  • 22 December – Eighty Muslim schoolboys are kidnapped and then released in Katsina State.
  • 25 December – Boku Harum militants kill eleven people and burn a church in Pemi,Borno State.

That is all we have for you on news recap for 2020. Hope you had a thrilling trip. See you again on this page in 2022. Bonne Voyage!


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