• August 5, 2021

Most Republicans Believe Biden Defeated Trump, Survey Suggests

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – More than half of Republicans believe Donald Trump ‘rightfully won’ the election, even though the majority admit current results show Joe Biden is the victor – exhibiting GOP skepticism that there was funny business surrounding ballot collection and tabulation.

In a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday, only 5 per cent of the 1,346 Democrat and Republican respondents thought that Trump won the election and 73 per cent said Biden was the winner.

But when specifically asked about the ‘rightful’ winner, Republicans showed they were suspicious about how Biden’s victory was obtained.

Of the 496 Republicans polled, 52 per cent said Trump was the ‘rightful’ winner, while only 29 per cent said they believe Biden had ‘rightfully won.’

The survey taken November 13-17, more than a week after Election Day, shows President Trump’s open defiance of Biden’s victory appears to be affecting the public’s confidence in American democracy – especially among Republicans.

Agenda Watchdog

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