• June 24, 2021

COVID-19 Safety Tips Parents Should Teach Their Kids As Schools Reopen

By Jude Obuseh

Following the lifting of COVId-19 lockdown restrictions in some countries across the world, after months of inactivity, due to the outbreak of a pandemic that has infected millions and killed thousands, attempts are being made to fast track the resumption of normal human activities in areas such as business, sports, politics, academics et al.

For the academic sector, which is the focus of this piece, most parents are apprehensive of the safety of their kids when school fully resumes: what safety precautions are being put in place by schools? Can these measures be trusted? Are the schools really committed to obeying these rules? How would these protocols be enforced by government?  What risks will our wards face when they return to school?

This piece urges parent who care about the safety of their kids to refrain from relying solely on school authorities to guarantee the safety of their wards. It would be tantamount to stupidity of the highest degree to do that. Responsible Parents must take up the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their kids.

The following are some basic safety codes of conduct we must teach our wards to ensure their safety as they come out of isolation to resume academic activities.


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Tip #1 – Teach Your Wards Basic COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Ensure that your wards are conversant with basic COVID-19 safety protocols (regular washing of hands, use of hand sanitizers, wearing of face masks, social distancing and other safety codes) as they prepare to join their friends in school. They say “charity begins at home”, so make sure they internalize these rules of safe behavior through regular reinforcement at home prelude to their return to school.    

Tip #2 – Leave Your Phone Number With Your Child’s Teacher: A personal phone number in the hands of your child’s teacher will come in handy in emergency situations as it will enable the teacher reach you if your child develops clinical symptoms of COVID-19. Also in the case of your child being taken to a hospital for treatment before you get to school, you can help the medical experts with crucial information that can assist in your child’s treatment such as medical history and other crucial information solicited by the doctor.

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Tip #3 – Isolate/Treat If You Notice Any Symptom: Parents/teachers should pay close attention to the health of their wards/students by regularly checking their temperatures and closely observing them to see if there is need to seek immediate medical help. Particular attention should be paid to their body weight, eye coloration, appetite et al. Parents/teachers should endeavor to immediately isolate any child manifesting unusual symptoms from their siblings or classmates and seek urgent medical assistance.

Tip #4 – Drop Off And Pick Up Your Wards At Stipulated Hours: Parents should endeavor to drop off and pick up their wards at officially stipulated hours to prevent them from endangering their health by breaching safety protocols and thereby exposing themselves to COVID-19 infection and other hazards. They should adhere strictly to time.

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Tip #5- Undress, Bathe And Wash Your Their Clothes Once They Get Home: Remember, your kids have had a full day at school during which they came in contact with frequently touched surfaces, hugged and shook hands with friends and picked up a lot of dirt. Immediately they get back from school give them thorough bathes with soap and wash their school uniforms with detergents to kills of all harmful microbes sticking to them. Doing this consistently will help minimize the chances of their getting infected.

 Tip #6 – Build Up The Immunity Of Your Kids: Prevention, they say is better than cure. All the COVID safety protocols designed and prescribed by the World Health Organization and other global and national health agencies, formidable as they may appear, are not iron caste shields against COVID-19 infection as cases abound of people who still got infected, despite observing these safety rules. So, it is necessary to back up these rules with healthy diets for your wards. Feed them with fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and multivitamins certified and prescribed by qualified health professionals to boost their immunity so that if per adventure they get infected with COVID-19, their bodies can successfully fight it off and recover faster.

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COVID-19 is a deadly disease that has infected millions and killed thousands around the world. As nations across the globe continue to search for vaccines to tame this killer disease, it remains the collective duty of all humanity to continue adhering to safety tips prescribed by international and national health agencies.

Our children, the leaders of tomorrow, must not be ignored in this struggle for the survival of humanity. The future of the human species depends on their safety.

Here is wishing every child in the world safe return to school. God bless.

*** Jude Obuseh is a Nigerian-based Peace Researcher, Journalist, Scholar, Publisher, Life Coach and Entrepreneur He can be reached on: Tel – +2348168580211 or via E-mail at syncado2006@gmail.com

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