• June 18, 2021

#Europe: Brutal Killing Of Young Black Man In Italy Draws Condemnation

By Amaechi Idumuebor (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Hundreds of people in Italy joined a funeral procession Saturday for a young Black man whose brutal beating death has shaken the country and drawn condemnation from the highest levels of the government.

Premier Giuseppe Conte and Italy’s interior minister attended the funeral of 21-year-old Willy Monteiro Duarte, who was killed during a fight in Colleferro, a city on the outskirts of Rome, early Sept. 6.

Four Italians have been arrested, including two brothers with police records and a martial arts background, but to date prosecutors haven’t indicated if the slaying was racially motivated.

Italian news reports have quoted witnesses as saying Monteiro Duarte, who was born in Rome to parents from the African island nation of Cape Verde, intervened while seeing a friend get beaten up in the fight and was then fatally beaten himself.

The slaying has struck a chord in a country that in recent months has shown a remarkable sense of common purpose in its bid to curb Italy’s coronavirus outbreak. The beating was evidence of another Italy, an uglier one where indifference, hatred and anger are on the rise.

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