• April 14, 2021

Buhari’s Critics Have No Respect For Due Process – Garba Shehu

By Lillian Ogbonna (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Consequent to the explosion of media attacks bordering on the existence of a cabal that supposedly runs the Buhari Administration,the Presidency has refuted such allegations, calling them parochial endorsements of the opposition’s cockeyed position that the president was just a figure head.

The Presidency made its response via a communique on Sunday, by Mr Garba Shehu,  the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, who said that sometimes they are forced to wonder whether some writers were aware of the damage being done the image of the country by their uncontrolled use of words, adding that the president’s recognition and respect of the right of all Nigerians, including the opposition, to hold differing views on issues, was proof of his democratic mien, but that the irresponsible manner some individuals exercised these rights was worrisome.

On the parochial tilt of the media attacks on the President’s anti-corruption efforts, Shehu stated that, “These detractors pick up isolated issues like the ones in the EFCC, NDDC, and incidents of crime and corruption which have been with the country for years, and without any serious effort to uncover them, paint them a phenomenon orchestrated and happening because President Buhari’s administration has decided to pursue cases of suspected wrongdoing in the anti-corruption agency, pension funds, NDDC and other government agencies.

“But the government was the first to point out the obvious embarrassment that potential acts of wrongdoing by the EFCC leadership would cause the administration. The question to ask is: did they expect the President to draw a curtain over these suspected scandals by not ordering audits and investigations? And for them to turn around to accuse him of a cover-up?

“To do a cover-up and not order audits and investigations as the President did would amount to a historic betrayal of the mandate and the faith placed in him by the Nigerian people.”

On the president integrity, honesty and incorruptibility, Shehu asserts that Nigerians“voted for him as President against the background of corruption, public policy paralysis, and growing menace of terrorists threatening to take over a sizable portion of the nation’s territory. In his five years in office, there is not a single charge of corruption against his person.

“As the leader of the country, President Buhari fully understands and bears the full weight of the solemn oaths he swore to defend the nation’s constitution, its citizens, and territory. Disinformation is not a viable option for opposition. The Buhari government has done nothing to warrant these criticisms. Under our laws, you are innocent until proven guilty: Investigation, trial than conviction. Not the other way round. To carry out investigations before condemnation or conviction should not be misconstrued as a weakness or a vacuum in leadership.”

Shehu called on Nigerians to stand with the president in his determination to engender a corruption-free country, adding that the president would not be diverted by the unfounded attacks of mischievous detractors who do not mean well for the country and its people.

Agenda Watchdog

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