• May 11, 2021

#US: Fresh COVID-19 Infections Burgeon By 46% Across 31 US States In One Week

By Amechi Idumuebor (AGENDAWATCHDOG) – New COVID-19 infections across the United States almost doubled last week with 31 states reporting an uptick in cases – as Arizona became the latest hot spot to reverse its reopening by closing bars and gyms.  

COVID-19 cases across the US increased by 46 percent in the week ending June 28, compared to the previous seven days, with the majority of rises occurring in the West and South of the country.  

Nationally, new cases have consistently spiked every week for four straight weeks. Daily cases have been increasing to record highs in the past week – well above the initial surge of infections that were seen back in mid-April. 

Infections across the US have now surpassed 2.58 million and more than 126,000 Americans have died since the virus took hold in March.   

President Donald Trump has put the surge in new cases down to increased testing and has pointed to low death rates across the country as a sign that the pandemic is not out of control.

Part of the 46 percent increase in cases in the past week can be attributed to a 9 percent expansion in testing over that time frame but health experts say lack of social distancing since stay-at-home orders were lifted in most states from Memorial Day is also a factor.  

While cases continues to spike, deaths are showing a downward trend across the country. Arizona, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee were the states that saw the largest increases in deaths in the past week. In Arizona, deat

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