• May 11, 2021

How To Win And Maintain The Loyalty Of Your Customers

By Jude Obuseh

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – This post is a guide on how an entrepreneur can meet the needs of customers and keep them coming back for more.

Every business has a target market. This market constitutes your customer base without which you cannot have a business in the first place. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers is the key to the success and continued growth of your business. By constantly putting your customers before any other consideration, the success of your business is guaranteed.

My advice for entrepreneurs who want to succeed and remain in business is to constantly seek for more effective means of meeting or exceeding the expectations of their customers.  Give your customers what they want — and a little bit more – and they will keep coming back for more. Let them know you appreciate them. Make good on all your mistakes, and don’t make excuses — apologize. Stand behind everything you do.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” should be the signature and mantra of every ambitious business person. Your business is not complete until your customers are satisfied with your products and services, and the only way their satisfaction can be guaranteed is through prompt delivery of services to meet their demands. The point here is respect for Customers’ Values, which is essential if you expect them to keep being loyal to your brand.

Nordstrom is a classic case of how to guarantee and exceed your customers’ satisfaction. Nordstrom is one of the most successful department store chains in the United States of America (U.S.A). One of its success secrets is that it places its customer’s values above every other consideration and goes out of its way to honour them. Shoppers are treated to beautiful music and served meals while they shop. Customers are treated like royalty. This is coupled with their generous, flexible return policies (or risk reversal offers), have won over a large chunk of the market to them.

Compare the foregoing scenario with another business concern where the values of customers are completely ignored. Imagine entering a spar to shop and the first impression you get is the pompous disposition of the top management staff. Imagine being ignored by the owner of this spar when you attempt to exchange pleasantries. Imagine encountering sales attendants who busy themselves with personal concerns, rather than attend to your inquiries. No sane person will return to such a shop next time, even if they are giving out free meal tickets.

Most struggling businesses – large and small scale – are mostly those that ignore this very significant principle of business success, which accounts for the poor patronage of their products and services, and in extreme cases, total collapse.

Laziness, poor communication, bad attitude, lack of commitment, lack of knowledge, attending to customer on “auto pilot” and lack of professionalism, are all barriers to excellent customer service, and should be jettisoned by any serious-minded entrepreneur.

Revamping the customer care aspects of most businesses will go a long way in increasing their profit margins and ensure continued patronage from their customers. The fundamentals of customer service are confidentiality, attention, integrity, reliability, respect/courtesy, prompt service, accuracy, support, empathy, understanding, flexibility, service recovery, et al. Adherence to these crucial principles will impact positively on businesses via:  increase in customer loyalty, word of mouth advertising, larger sales, increase in customer base, increase in revenue and profit, improved financial performance and competitive edge.

Treat your customers like very important personalities (VIPs), and they will in turn pledge their undying loyalty to your brand. Customers are vain and can be easily manipulated. All you need do is play to their fancy; discover their thumbscrews and twist to your advantage. Always appear very caring, very concerned for their welfare. Listen to all their complaints and be seen to be looking into them. Do this, and the invisible paymaster will continue to bombard your accounts with loads of cash.

Caution! Don’t over apply this principle. Customers become wary when they feel you are trying too hard to please them. They may begin to see your gestures of honesty and generosity as smokescreens for ulterior motives; your gifts might then be seen as Trojan Horses, with hidden obligations. Act natural with your customers. Let your gestures appear simple and effortless. But the fact remains that your customers are omnipotent. Without them, you don’t have a business. Rub their backs and they will rub your own back.

More tips on business success strategies (The Ultimate Law Of Business Success,The Main Key To Business Success and Five Strategies For Financial Solvency During A Pandemic) can be gleaned from my previous blog posts on this platform. Please, feel free to access and download them free of charge for use as business guides

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