• April 12, 2021

Almost All Recovered COVID-19 Patients Develop Antibodies To The Disease: 95% Of Patients Grew Immune Cells Within 3 Weeks – Chinese study

By Amechi Idumuebor, For Agenda Watchdog, May 12, 2020

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Nearly everyone who catches COVID-19 develops antibodies to it, recent research suggests. 

Research from Chongqing Medical University in China found that 95 percent of 285 patients developed both types of the immune cells that fight the virus. 

Antibody testing is being ramped up in the US and abroad to see who has already had and developed some potential protection against reinfection with coronavirus. 

But many questions still remain around antibodies: whether everyone develops them, what level of antibodies is necessary to confer protection, and how long that protection lasts. 

The recent study helps to answer one of those questions and ‘brings much-needed clarity, along with renewed enthusiasm, to efforts to develop and implement widescale antibody testing for SARS-CoV-2,’ wrote Dr Francis Collins on the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Director’s blog on Thursday.

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