• August 1, 2021

The War Between Faith And Fact

By Jude Obuseh

(AGENDAWATCHDOG)Great are the works of the Lord; they are studied by all who delight in them – Psalm 111:2

Since the judicial murder of Jesus Christ, the son of God, the Christian religion and its adherents have been subjected to some of the worst forms of persecution in recorded history. In their vain attempts to discredit the unblemished truth that “Jesus Christ is the son of God, sent to deliver condemned mankind from the grave penalty of sin (death, in all its ramifications)”, grandiose schemes have been hatched and executed by the sons of perdition to drag the image of the Christian religion and its adherents in the mud.

In their mad desperation to turn truth on its head, the unrepentant sons of Sodom have strung and shot plethora of pernicious, spurious, spiteful, damming and totally blasphemous arrows at Jesus Christ, Christianity and the Almighty God. Had these infidels launched similar sacrilegious attacks at Islam, Prophet Mohammed and Allah, they would have probably been given the Salman Rushdie treatment sequel to the publication of The Satanic Verses. But despite the repeated attacks of these dark angels on their revered Saviour, religion and God, Christians have naturally kept mute, in obedience to the biblical injunction of “turning the other cheek” (Matthew 5: 39).

Persecution of the Church is not new. It became rife in the years following the unjust execution, burial, glorious resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. The Early Apostles where constantly harangued by both the Ecclesiastical and political authorities for their continued teachings on the new life that is freely given to all those who believed and confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour. These initial attempts were meant to douse the fire of the Gospel ignited by Christ through His astounding works while on earth, and the equally effective work of His Apostles who took the message to formally uncharted territories. Most of these faithful followers suffered unimaginable fates for their faith, while many of them paid the ultimate price – death by some of the most demeaning and terrifying forms imaginable.

In the current dispensation, a new crop of blasphemers have arisen. Unlike the early period of Church history, when the main enemies of the gospel were from the ecclesiastical and political orders, the contemporary enemies of the Church are mainly from the science and technology community. They operate from both our ivory towers and business communities, where they have overwhelming influence in determining what people should or not should think or believe. Through their often unproven, mostly doctored and biased works, ideas that are at times illogical and totally anti-Christian are constantly churned out to deceive even the elect.

Theories like Charles Darwin’s Evolution, Albert Einstein’s Relativity, Georges Lemaitre’s Big Bang etc., are continually drummed into the listening ears of the innocents. Starting from the eighteenth century, the works of these men have permeated our societies and now control our lives, estranging some of the elect from their God. Our schools, cultures, governments and other aspects of life have been eroded by the postulations of science, and the fleeting influences of technology. To press home their points and sow seeds of doubts in the minds of believers, several preposterous accusations have been concocted and leveled against the Church on a global scale.

The blasphemers of Christianity, the members of the scientific community have created their own belief system. This new religion preaches that “God is dead”, and that science is the new-born god. The sad fact is that they have made several converts who prefer to put their faith in a man-made god; a mere human construct. What a pity!

But the gospel truth is that science, despite its exaggerated claims has failed in mitigating humanities greatest challenges: conflict, poverty, disease, racism, insecurity, natural disasters, death, etc. It has failed to answer the question, “what is life all about”? Despite the much-vaunted feats of space technology and medicine, man remains afraid, insatiable, empty, sick and guilty inside.

William Shakespeare succinctly captures the sorry state of man in this extract from Macbeth: “Life’s but a walking shadow’, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is hard no more: It is a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing”. What an apt description of man’s sorry state, despite his much-hallowed achievements in science.

As to the origin of the earth, man and other life forms, science would have us believe in the warped theories of Evolution (and Natural Selection) and Big Bang. These are postulations that have been found wanting in the face of contemporary evidence. It beats my imagination that the scientific community still hangs on to these white lies, when observable evidence is to the contrary. Funny enough some of these theories form the building blocks of modern science. What a shame!

If man evolved from other living cells why, as claimed by the Evolutionists, when and where did this evolution stop? If the earth is the result of a gigantic explosion, as claimed by the diehard disciples of the Big Bang theory, why do we find so much detail, order and uniformity in creation?

What has science become today? Dr. Paul Olisah Ojeih answers: “What we have today are scientific magicians playing on peoples’ ignorance with Scientifico-Magico-Abracadabra”. There is overwhelming evidence in creation – when we look intently and intensely – to prove that lifeforms and the planetary system are logical results of divine wisdom, not blind results of chance.

Come to think of it, is Christianity anti-science? Of course not! True and objective science springs from truly acknowledging that man is a created being with free will. God, according to the Christian Bible, created humans to be like Himself with a commission to reproduce, bring the earth under his control and to rule over every animal on the earth (Gen1:27 -29). It can then be inferred that it is God’s wish that men explore in order to discover the hidden secrets in nature, control natural laws and use his discoveries to advance life on earth.

To survive in his environment, God gave man the ability to observe events, record facts, analyze combination of facts, study and produce results. Man can flash back to the past, envision and gear up for the future, make choices, plan, organize, transform and modify his physical environment into his dream world. He can achieve just about anything he sets his mind on achieving. Every breakthrough (scientific or otherwise) should thus make man more conscious of the wonders of creation – especially as man has not been able to create any lifeform through science or any other means for that matter. Thus, Biblical facts should be the building blocks of modern science, not some whacko scientific theories that bothers on the mythical and mystical.

As to the accuracy of biblical prophecies, especially as it concerns the second coming of Christ, naysayers have laughed it off as the creation of spin-doctors; a doctored insertion into the original writings of the Bible. What is obvious is that these doubting Thomases have not intently studied the Christian Bible in its pure form. If they had, they would have avoided blabbing inanities and hauling abominable insults on the Son of God.

Jesus did not give a particular time frame for his second coming. He only catalogued the following events as preceding the end times: The rise of false prophets, war and rumors of wars, nations warring against nations, famine, food shortages, earthquakes, and persecution of Christians (by today’s anti-Christ’s’) and the spread of evil. But He cautioned that these occurrences would indicate the beginning of tribulations on earth and not the end of the world. He admonished Christians to hold on to their faith until the gospel had spread to the uttermost parts of the world – only then would He come. (Matthew 24: 1-14).

Most of the events catalogued by Christ are already happening with frightening accuracy, and despite the good news having reached some far-flung corners of the world, some people are yet to hear it. For instance, Survival International ( See  Sean Kane, Business Insider, The Independent, Thursday 8 March 2018), noted that “there are about 100 isolated tribes across the world”. These isolated groups deserve to hear The Word.

Christ may not have come, but let no man be deceived, ‘no divinely revealed prophecy has failed to come true’. Ask the people of Noah’s days and the disobedient Jews of the ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel. The Jews are what they are today because of the fulfillment of prophecy, not in rejecting their identity as God’s people as has been suggested by the modern-day Philistines (Ezekiel 37:12 -14, 15 – 28; Jeremiah 30, 31).

However, the progress of any nation, as of any man, is not totally dependent on the achievements of science. Morality plays a very significant role in ensuring that scientific inventions are channeled towards productive ends. People without morals are more dangerous to humanity than viruses.

For humanity to positively progress, there must be a synergy between science and morality, which Christianity advocates. Men must realize that they are mere actors on the world stage and that regardless of their achievements they are answerable to a higher authority – God. Science can improve the lot of humanity, but it cannot build positive peace, end poverty, put a stop to prejudice and other ills afflicting mankind.These ills spring from the hearts of men. Unregulated science is humanity’s greatest enemy.

Albert Einstein, reacting to the advent of the Atomic Bomb, which was a result of the application of his theories, expressed his fears in these evergreen words: “the splitting of the atom has changed everything but our way of thinking, and hence we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe”. Bill Clinton former U.S president, reacting to the power of information technology, expressed his fears thus: ‘the revolutions in information technology have magnified both the creative and destructive potential of every individual, tribe and nation on our planet’.

I pity those who continue to doubt that our Lord Jesus Christ is real. Jesus and the Christian massage offer man a relationship with God, not just a religion. The world calls the Christians message “foolish” and “silly” (1 Corinthians 1:12; LB; see John 1:11-13), but it keeps waxing stronger every day, overwhelming the attacks of the anti-Christs’ of this world, who have had the Christian massage preached to then but turned their backs on it. If revered thinkers like Bertrand Russell, a contemporary of Albert Einstein, and one of the founding fathers of modern science, could be confused on his death bed as to what his fate would be after death, I wonder what these disciples of Lucifer, their contemporary proteges, are still yammering about.

Hear Russell, on his death bed: “I am not afraid to die, but one thing I fear is in case these Christians are right”. This renowned philosopher and intellectual who was an enigma in his days could not be sobered by his many years of laborious research. He could not find peace in his theoretical postulations. “Of course, Christians are right”.

Another vain attempt by the acolytes of darkness to deify science and portray Christianity as a fruitless exercise, is the half-Witted attempt by the antagonists of Christ to portray Albert Einstein, one of their most illustrious colleagues as a bland, stereotyped atheist. But the truth is that, unknown to these pigeon-holed parochialists, Einstein had a very deep spiritual side to him. Hear him: ‘The most beautiful and most profound emotion we experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sewer of true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand in rapt awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their mostly primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness. What a sincere scientist!

Humans willing to excel in all fields of endeavor should first seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness that all other things (including scientific and technological breakthroughs) may be added unto them (Matthew 6: 33). They should avoid putting on the togas of vanity and unbelief, and strive to be obedient, humble and submissive to the divine will of the Almighty God, their Creator who made the heavens, the earth and all things, living and nonliving, physical and ethereal (Acts 4:24; 14:15; 17:24).

Humanity can only progress positively in a world governed by God. Man’s consistent blunders since creation, despite several opportunities for redemption, are clear pointers to the fact that he lacks the leadership savvy to productively manage the affairs of the world. We must return to the status quo ante! 

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