• April 18, 2021

#COVID-19: We Are Near The ‘End Of The First Phase’ In Fight Against #Virus – Boris Johnson

By Olivia Isibor, for Agenda Watchdog, April 27, 2020

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Boris Johnson announced his comeback with a plea for Britons to stick to coronavirus lockdown rules today – amid mounting signs the public is starting to take matters into its own hands by getting back to work.  

In a statement in Downing Street, the PM assured the country he is back in charge after weeks recuperating from a serious scare with the killer disease.

With his trademark blond mane looking longer and more unkempt than usual, Mr Johnson thanked everyone who had ‘stepped up’ in his absence. And he channeled Churchill’s famous speech about the ‘end of the begging’ by saying there are ‘real signs’ the UK is making ‘progress’.

But he warned it was also the ‘moment of maximum risk’ and now is not the time to ‘go easy’ on the virus. ‘We are now beginning to turn the tide,’ he said. ‘I ask you to contain you impatience because I believe now we are coming to the end of the first phase of this conflict.’ 

Mr Johnson said once the disease was under control the draconian curbs can be ‘refined’, and the government would say more in the ‘coming days’ about how it will ‘fire up the engines of this vast UK economy’.

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