• April 14, 2021

#COVID-19: New Zealand Flattens Curve, As Lockdown Restrictions Are Relaxed

By Amechi Idumuebor, For Agenda Watchdog, April 27, 2020

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – New Zealand has ‘achieved elimination’ of coronavirus as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed the country has scored a significant victory against the spread of Covid-19.

The country has been following an elimination strategy with the goal of completely ending the transmission of coronavirus within its borders.  

‘There is no widespread, undetected community transmission in New Zealand,’ Ardern declared on Monday. ‘We have won that battle.’ 

Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s Director General of Health, said the low number ‘does give us confidence that we’ve achieved our goal of elimination. That never meant zero but it does mean we know where our cases are coming from.

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