• April 17, 2021

Actual UK COVID-19 Fatalities May Be Up To 41,000, If Non-Hospital Deaths Are Considered

By Franca Joseph, For Agenda Watchdog, April 22, 2020

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – The coronavirus outbreak in the UK may have killed more than 41,000 people already when non-hospital deaths are included. 

Office for National Statistics data, which includes victims who have died at home or in nursing homes, puts the total fatalities significantly higher than the day-by-day hospital tallies released by the NHS and Department of Health.  

But the main drawback of the ONS statistics, which come out once per week, is that they’re 10 days out of date by the time they get published. 

A forecast by the Financial Times has suggested that, by the time data for yesterday is released, it will turn out that at least 41,102 people had already died. The newspaper called this a ‘conservative’ estimate.

The current death toll according to the NHS and the Department of Health is just 17,337.

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