• April 13, 2021

It Could Be Catastrophic For US, Europe If COVID-19 Ravages Africa – WHO Expert

By Olivia Isibor, For Agenda Watchdog, April 15, 2020

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – America and Europe could be hit by up to four waves of COVID-19 if it is allowed to ravage Africa, a WHO expert has warned.  Director of the World Health Organisations’s Center on Public Health and Human Rights, Professor Lawrence Gostin warned that if Covid-19 gets ‘out of control’ in African countries, Europe and the US could see second, third and even fourth waves of the illness. 

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday, Professor Gostin said: ‘Covid-19 is about to march through sub-Saharan Africa and perhaps the Indian subcontinent like an avalanche.

Commenting on Donald Trump’s decision to freeze funding to the WHO, the professor predicted the move could have a ‘devastating impact globally’.Trump made the drastic decision to suspend funding to the WHO while an investigation into its handling of the pandemic is carried out. Trump singled out what he called the WHO’s ‘dangerous and costly decision’ to argue against international travel bans to combat the pandemic.

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