• April 17, 2021

3 Amazing Facts You Didn’t know About Reading

By Queen Nwabueze

(AGENDAWATCHDOG) – Reading, I must say, is not that serious as people take it be. Do you know you can cross paths with a piece of information in a news site, for instance, that can change your entire destiny?

Going forward, I want you to begin to look at the art of reading as fun. Forget about that drudgery you have always associated with reading. Reading is not such a chore. If you pick up a piece of paper from the floor, catch the information written on it, you can move on for the day. Just meditate on what you read. That’s all. The information could come in handy when you need to solve a problem.

This post was informed by such happenings which we sometimes don’t take note of. In fact, there are some key lessons we can get from reading apart from the regular ones you know:

  1. Reading builds residual knowledge: I can bet, you have never for once, picked up a piece to read and your goal was to build your residual knowledge. Or have you? I doubt. But reading can do this without your knowing it. It can be in the examples and demos used.
  2. Reading tames you: That’s right. You may not know it but reading can actually begin to put you in checks if you have been struggling with big ego. Or maybe you are easily rattled. You would be surprised to notice that the more you read related materials, you would begin to have a rethink and work towards turning a new leaf.
  3. Reading can help you carve a niche for yourself: In fact, many big businesses and brands you know today were born this way. Ask around. Listen to stories. You would be amazed but in the face of abject poverty and high rate of unemployment bedeviling Nigeria and the entire African continent, you might be the answer.

Perhaps you are in search of what you can read every day. Don’t fret. Like I said from the outset, this piece is not saying you must read a fully-fledged academic material all in the name of wanting to train yourself to be a reader. Not necessarily.

Start simple. It could be a news site like agendawatchdog.com where you are updated on everyday happenings. I tell you what: By the mere practice of visiting agendawatchdog.com every day to read even if it’s an item or two, you can boost the trio that we have just discussed above.

For instance, in the agendawatchdog.com menu list, you can find the Topline News which is a capsule summary of major news in the dailies. The Blog? Great too as you are served trends, happenings and updates in the news and blog industries.

You see? Merely gleaning stories on agendawatchdog.com alone, can crown you king – helping you to develop life skills you never thought you could acquire.

Therefore, if you are in search of where to even start building your reading habit from, make it a duty to visit agendawatchdog.com every day. You might never know what goldmine you could stumble upon just by reading even if it’s ‘anything’ in the site.

Let’s take it up from there.

Agenda Watchdog

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