• June 24, 2021

“Give Me $100,000 Dollars, And I Will Kill Coronavirus Demon” – South African Pastor

As the number of coronavirus infections rises rapidly across the world, a South African clergy, Pastor Mboro has offered to go to hell and fight the demon responsible for the pandemic.

According to Kenya Updates, Pastor Mboro has offered to embark on the dangerous journey and save mankind for a sum of $100,000 (GHC575,500) to cover his transport logistics.

“I am ready to save mankind, ” Pastor Mboro said, “I have seen a vision of how the Coronavirus demon looks like and I will defeat it.”

The pastor also stated that there was no need to waste money on research as the real cause of the disease that has infected 640,589 people with 29,848 deaths is a demon in hell which he has volunteered to kill.

“There is no need for worry and expensive research, the real problem is the demon causing this disease and I am ready to kill it once and for all,” Pastor Mboro said.

The pastor gave an ultimatum saying the money should come no later than the second week in April.

*** Source: guardian.ng

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